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Hindu Kush SeedsThe name of this marijuana strain comes from the mountain range between India and Pakistan, but you do not need an exotic place for this type of marijuana to grow. Like many other marijuana plants, a working knowledge of basic things like the different kinds of marijuana seeds and the types of marijuana cultivation methods hydroponics or organic cultivation, for example is essential to grow pot successfully.

This sample had a fairly ordinary look, with a strong collection of greens, orange-red stamens, and was covered moderate clear, white trichomes. We found that the harvest was a little too early on this one, but maybe it was intended of the grower to minimize the heaviness of Hindu Kush as a tribe. It was nicely dense, appeared to have a good cure, and was at a great dryness level for consumption. Although we do not have a ton of things to say about this, we do not have negative feedback as well.

The aroma in the bag was a modest combination of musky, earthy scents light and fruity blended together in an almost unbelievable mix. Once on the ground, it took on a strong earth element that made us think of a pretty expensive kind of soil. Behind which lurked a slightly acrid and musky fragrance with a hint of lemon. This was a bit confusing for us, but nice and sharp enough to enable the staff to please.

While one reviewer experienced no real problems with smoking, two other reviewers disliked the taste just because the quality of the smoke seemed to burn the throat slightly and cause immediate coughing. The taste itself was regardless and unremarkable. Mostly it was earthy / musky with a hint of sweetness to present as well. We are not sure what causes the irritation of the throat in some of the employees, but it was not unanimous, and the last axle was a light gray / white, indicating that the flush was not to blame.Hindu Kush tends to be quite hard as a strain, but it seemed a little more “hot” going down into the lungs than it used to be.

Pressure on the eye and immediately a relaxed body feeling are the first effects of this Hindu Kush. It was also a surprise that we had a fast-acting relief of the body, as the relaxation parts of most tribes come after the first impact, when the buzzing or swaying feelings diminished. This one has us pulled down into the couch in no time, improving our mood, but keeping things relatively sedate and calm nonetheless. The potency lasted at its near-peak level through an hour, having us feeling a little bit slow mentally, but cleared up after that point. Fortunately, the body relaxation lasted longer than the mental effects, which made this a clear-headed relaxer for most of its duration.

Hindu Kush Hindu Kush Hindu Kush

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