Hindu Kush and its origins

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Hindu Kush is a pure indica seed strain that comes from the incredible Hindu Kush mountain, which is located on the western side of the Himalayas. It covers half of Afghanistan and on both sides of the border between Pakistan and India, almost reaching China. The Hindu Kush region was an important trade route between the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. For years,cannabis traditions merged in the heart of this important trade route. The Hindu Kush region is the center of the world when talking about true Indica or Afhanica genotypes as well as the various types of high quality black hashish that is produced from them.
Hindu Kush is one of the world’s oldest marijuana strains are bred for quality and stability throughout the ages. The Hindu Kush seedlings are consistent and is ideal for growing indoor plants directly from a single seed. Hindu Kush will flourish outdoors in warmer clients, below about 42 ° N.

The Hindu Kush plants are dark green, short and have the classic Indica leaves, bearing the signatures on wide blades. The flowering period, like its seedlings are reliable and stable. Produces a quick crop of thick Afghani buds, even when grown by another grower.
Hindu Kush is remarkably potent for a non-hybrid strain, and produces a soft, positive buzz body high, like other high altitude Indicas and provides a contemplative mental state, relaxed, contrary to what you might be used for smoking later Afghanica, Indica, Hybrids and Skunk.

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