Hindu Kush

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This is the base strain for many hybrids on the market. It is named after the region on the border between India and Pakistan where he came from.These are quite bushy plants grow to around 160 cm and the yield large,resinous buds. Mostly grown, these plants are not quite long enough to prevent them grow indoors, but the yields are often smaller, with no lights or hydroponics. Their smoke is not difficult and campfire-like with a very hash like feel.

The buzz is awesome, but is not too long and the plants flower for 10-12 weeks as a late bloomer. This is most often prescribed as the basic stock from which the pharmacy is working to find the right match for the patient. It is rarely prescribed directly, although it often end up being the plant of your choice. Especially for water and filtered smoking hooka users. Treats a variety of conditions thanks to its mellowness, including multiple sclerosis.

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